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Forspost JSC Company was founded in Saint-Petersburg, Russia in 2014 and acts as an intermediary between Russian wood producers and consumers all around the world.

Our key partners are huge industrial plants located all around Russia: from Krasnoyarsk to Leningrad Region. 

Our production is equiped with modern high-tech machinery. Drying complex has a capacity to produce up to 4000 cubic meters of transport humidity timber a month. 

Our company gathered together a team of skilled and dedicated professionals, many of them have devoted their career solely to  timber business. 

The production of Forpost JSC complies with all the required standards and rules in terms of providing product stewardship and is environmentally conscious in terms of production processes and technologies. All the raw waste lumber is recycled according to the rules and regulations on the territory of the plant.  

The vehicle part of the company has all the specialized fascilities required for the well-timed and safe transportation of any manufactured lumber products both inside Russia and for exports.

A wide range of products offered in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region is capable of meeting any demands of the modern market and consumers of natural wood in particular.

Broad range of typical sizes allows to manufacture and provide production fully corresponding with your needs and requests. 

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